Foundation’s Education and Media Project



The main assumption of the Educational and Media Project initiative #safechild is to protect and ensure the safety of children through the education of children, parents and decision-making officials in matters of care and guardianship of children and youth. This education is to be based on the transfer of knowledge about the effects of emotional violence by children in the case of parental abductions, divorce conflicts between parents, hasty decisions of probation officers, judges, social workers, erroneously issued psychological court opinions, parental alienation, conflict of loyalty, lengthiness of court proceedings .


Emotional violence is more severe than bruises and requires much longer convalescence.

The goal is also to teach children how to notice violence that affects them and how to react to it.

The project is primarily preventive. It is to make people aware and teach, show threats but also solutions.

Foundation’s Education and Media Project

For Their Kids Foundation wants to implement a broad educational and media program, giving above all extensive knowledge and, if necessary, legal and administrative assistance appropriate for a given situation, in which the child’s safety is threatened and his basic rights are violated.

This project is targeted at both children and their parents as well as officials – including probation officers and social workers – and teaching staff.