European Center for the Treatment of Psychological Trauma by Children and Adults

How can you help?

For Their Kids Foundation has a hectare of land in a beautiful Polish Silesia City. This land already has its destiny. An European Center for the Treatment of Mental Trauma by Children and Adults will be created there.

How will we treat?

The Foundation Center will heal through individual and systemic therapy as well as dog-therapy.

The treatment is to be fully refunded. Both, for those children who have been abducted and those who have experienced serious violence. For adults who have suffered the loss of their own child and are a victim of domestic violence.


Dog therapy can be therapeutic, as well as educational or recreational. The dog is a friend who loves us regardless of our experiences, appearance, what we have or don’t have. The dog love unconditional, and this is what people who have suffered from bad love, whether by abduction or violence, need.

Contact with a dog gives love, a sense of security, freedom, feeling of safety and acceptance.

Dog therapy brings fantastic results in the treatment of PTSD, neurosis, anxiety, ADHD, autism, but also in the case of more severe diseases such as cerebral palsy or paresis of the limbs.

Classes with a dog therapist are conducted individually or in groups.


Individual therapy is a journey into yourself. Individual therapy, on the other hand, enables the analysis of one’s own life history and reaching the causes underlying pathological reactions, e.g. anxiety or childhood injuries pushed to the subconscious.


The main goal of systemic therapy is to change the structure of the family in a crisis situation, restore adaptability, set boundaries, and, above all, improve family relationships and communication.

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