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When I was only 22 years old

International relationships can have very serious consequences. When I was only 22 years old, working as a deputy director at an employment office in the Netherlands, after meeting my son’s father, I decided to stay there. I did not plan to live in the Netherlands permanently and did not think that the decision to give birth there would tie us with steel chains. My decision to have a Dutch citizen meant that my son and I lost our freedom, safety and sovereignty, and became the property of the Netherlands. Officials explained that my son was “owned by the city council”. Polish courts took the attitude of the Dutch authorities as decisive and led to the brutal surrender of my son to the care of officials who for many years committed psychological violence on him, as well as hid his father’s sexual violence. Many of us are not aware that sexual violence also occurs in non-contact form. For the perpetrator this form of violence is safer, because how to prove that someone looking at own child masturbates himself? But this is undeniable abuse of a child! Such violence took place in the case of my son, and its perpetrator was not punished, on the contrary, by official abduction, he was lavishly rewarded.

My son has been kidnapped twice.

For the first time in a very brutal way, his dad broke his grandfather, who escorted him to kindergarten, ribs, threw him into the trunk of the car, drugged him on the way, and then for many weeks he hid, together with other men, him in a cottage in the woods.

For the second time the kidnapping took place with the support of Dutch officials and the total submission of the Polish authorities. My son sobbed, writhed, shook, begging to stay with me in Poland, naming things by name: “Dad bounced me against the walls”, “Dutch officials mistreated me”, “I’m afraid of the Netherlands, I want to stay with my mother “. The court guardian and the policemen stood unmoved.

For Their Kids Foundation is a joint work of me and my son. My son wants to help other abducted children. We chose the name of the Foundation together, together we make plans about how our Center will look like.

Description of my son’s second official abduction (english version):

Reportage from my son’s first brutal abduction (polish only):

How does a child cry second time taken away from his mother? (polish only)